9 Ways To Improve Your Instagram Growth Right Now

Instagram is not this thing where you post your holiday pictures anymore. It’s a huge and serious business you can be taking advantage of every day.

With the right Instagram approach, you will be able to generate more customers, and more sales. But how can you stand out on Instagram and also help users at the same time?

1. Sell transformation

If there is only one thing I want you to get from this article, the secret sauce, the holy grail of all marketing, it’s this – sell transformation.
We always encourage you to sell transformation.
Show off the type of results people can expect. If you have pictures, bring them in and share them on Instagram. You want your potential customers to see exactly what they can expect.

Let’s take some examples.

Which of these pictures of women’s tights resonates more with you? The product is the same. But picture on the right sells transformation – tights complete the whole outfit.


Let’s take manicure example.

Would you just rather look at Instagram feed full of manicure close-ups or actually suggestions on how to style a certain nail color?

The picture on the right is giving us ideas on how we could go about having a golden manicure. You need to give your client full service.


Let’s take something less photogenic – Le Creuset.
They never sell you just pods.

They inspire you to cook a fabulous dish, host a dinner, spoil your family with a new recipe, have the best looking kitchen…. – they sell you transformation.



The ultimate formula is Problem + Solution = Transformation

Be truthful, and remember that you need to address the problem with a proper solution. That’s what your buyers are expecting – a solution to their problems.


How to make these kinds of posts?


One way is to do Questions and Answers with your followers. Use common objections or questions to create posts or stories on Instagram.


For example, if you are a Real estate agent, some of the topics you could address in your Instagram posts could be:

Do not be afraid to add products or services of other companies in your posts; otherwise, the advice does not look honest and credible.

You need to earn a trusted advisor status first and most important.



2. People do not buy descriptions

The truth is that people don’t care about what features or benefits you share.

Instead, they want to know what results they can expect from using your product or service.

Plus, not everyone spends minutes on your post, so you mostly have a few seconds to make your product stand out.

Show the type of results your product can offer to customers, and that can persuade them to purchase your item in the long run.


Example: which of these two face creams are you more likely to check out?


French, vegan, cruelty-free – that does not say a lot.

Warm glowing skin – that’s probably more the result you are looking for.



3. Focus on change

It’s imperative to try and focus on how your product transforms every user’s life.


The truth here is that you want to show all the positive changes in people’s life caused by using your product.

People expect a transformation, they want to see things improve.


If they buy a handbag, in 99% of cases they are not buying it for

exceptional leather that weighs 110g/sqm

they buy it for

a feeling of luxury, status, recognition of certain values.



All the little details matter, and the way you promise transformation can make a huge difference in the long run.


4. Keep a simple language

We always recommend you to use a simple language.

Remember, you are talking with an audience that doesn’t have business jargon. So your focus has to be on delivering your message in simple words.

This way everyone can read and understand what you say. That’s especially true when it comes to the call to action. It needs to be simple, precise, and to the point.


5. Instagram is not a workbook

If you have been posting just your work on Instagram and wondering why nobody is buying – Instagram is not an advertising board.

You need to have more focus on how people get to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

If you just see Instagram as a workbook, you are failing.

This is a social media platform, not an advertising board, and your success will thrive or fail based on your social interactions.

Brack.ch (Amazon equivalent in Switzerland) is treating its Instagram like a workbook – just showcase products.
No surprise their engagement is extremely low 30-50 likes per picture with 5.700 followers.


Amorana.ch is a Swiss online Sex Shop, and you would think they will have a really hard time getting engagement with such a delicate topic.
But each of their posts has between 200-300 likes.

Why is that?

Because they treat Instagram not like a Workbook, but a Social place and take each opportunity to start a conversation with their followers.


6. Instagram must be an Interesting Magazine

When people come to Instagram, they

see it like a magazine, a place where they can learn more, enjoy some informative posts, and also find new products.

You should also treat Instagram like a magazine, so try to create posts that are adequate for your audience.



You do not always have to use your own product or speak only about your service – this might look as too salesy and dishonest.

More important here is to establish yourself as an expert and authority in the field.

So do not be afraid of using products or services from other companies, like this you establish trust. And do not worry at all – your trusted audience will buy your product when the time comes.

If you embrace the magazine idea, it will help immensely for building loyalty and provide your audience with informative information – they will come for more and more to your profile for all those informative bits and advice.


7. Create uniqueness

Do you remember this butcher?

Yes, butcher. Like millions of other butchers.

But not really.


It’s very hard to have a unique product on the market right now.

What you want to do is to make sure that you show your product in a unique manner.

It will encourage customers to buy your products since it elevates them a tad above the rest.



8. Special Offers are NOT a Sales Strategy

A lot of businesses believe that entering Instagram with special offerings and keeping it like that will work.

The truth is that marketing isn’t just a special offer or competitions.

If you enter the market this way, you won’t be able to sell full-priced products because you target people who are expecting only products on sale.

Bargain hunters are not loyal customers; they do not care about your product or your values; they just care about the bargain. So it will do you only harm attracting such customers. This is no long term strategy.

You can share special offers from time to time with your loyal followers, and there are right ways to do it. Just don’t make it your motto.



9. Don’t be afraid to brag about your achievements in your bio

It’s very important to make sure that you create a very powerful, comprehensive bio.

Let’s take a photographer example.

Saying that you take family pictures as a photographer is not enough.

You want to state something like “I create extraordinary family portraits”, “I bring your vision to life with state of the art photography”, “I will create a BOHO dream pictures”, “Even a grandmother will look like a style icon in my pictures” and anything in between.

When writing your bio think:

What special have you done in the last 6 months? 5 years? A lifetime?

What client’s results were you able to achieve?

What press were you featured in?

If you have any achievements or awards, add those to your bio. Everything helps, and it will make you stand out as a professional.


Hopefully, now you have some starting points to begin building and monetizing your Instagram.


Establishing the right Instagram strategy will take a lot of trial and error. And yes, a lot of your time (especially at the beginning).  But it will help you to expand your business, grow the most loyal following, and most important – sell your product or service. There are endless resources on Instagram strategy, do not get discouraged if something does not work.


Alternatively, if you want to save yourself a few headaches and hundreds of hours trying to become an expert in something you don’t have to be  – apply for an Instagram strategy session with us.