Design Strategy: What’s Most Effective? A Great Story!

As a creative, you are always trying to bring in more and more oomph and value to your work. But the reality is that some industries rarely give you the option to stand out.

That’s especially true in the case of designing and concept creation. Things are rather standard here, but you need to try and find any means that you can to boost your exposure and showcase your creativity. And storytelling is one of the best ways to achieve such results.

The power of storytelling in creative work

One of the main reasons why you want storytelling in your designs is because it encourages viewers to see more than a single image. The story should spread over multiple designs, and everything should be interconnected. This shows you brought a lot of thought and creativity into the mix, and people will be enticed to check all your work every time, which is very exciting.

Another thing to note is that storytelling helps change every viewer’s mind. It brings in more imagination and creativity. If you want people to step away from their day to day challenges, then storytelling and creativity are the right ways to achieve that. They give viewers a hit of oxytocin in their brain, making them happy and showing them that yes, your designs are worth checking out. If these designs sell a product, then the potential customers will show a lot more interest in what you have to offer.

Fostering a deeper connection and imbuing a sense of personalization

Stories are interpreted differently by every person. But the reality is that it all brings in a sense of connection with everything pertaining to the story. In the case of designs, storytelling helps describe the impact of that design, you can also build empathy as you describe a problem and you can even humanize your design.

A story should be multi-faceted, offering people different ways to connect with it. And that’s where the sense of personalization comes into play. If you have a more complex case of storytelling, you will notice that people will become more invested in the process. That leads to more customers, a higher return on investment for you and new ways to connect with other people and eventually bring in more customers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you always need complex stories. What makes storytelling successful in the world of creativity is its identifiability. When people can identify themselves with a brand’s design or story, they are more likely to convert into a paid customer.

Start imbuing storytelling into your creative projects today of users

It’s never easy to try and implement storytelling naturally in a design. It will require multiple iterations and most of the time it will be a trial and error system. But it will offer you great benefits once you pull it off. The trick is to always experiment and connect with your leads and customers. See what they are looking for, what they want from your brand and connect with them at an emotional level. Once you do that, you will find it a lot easier to create astounding, powerful design stories that offer lots of conversions!